Re: beagle-search & beagle-query results mismatch


On Wed, 2006-08-02 at 12:46 +0100, Paddy Spencer wrote:
> I raised this before and I'm raising it again as it's very irritating
> and makes beagle practically useless: beagle-query consistently returns
> different matches from beagle-search. 
> As an example, a search for the words "java" and "hidden" gives the
> following results from beagle-query:
> whereas beagle-search gives 18 documents, 2 conversations and 2 news
> feeds.
> Is this just my build of beagle and if so, what do I need to do to fix
> it?

It's possibly a bug, but it could also just be a difference in the way
beagle-search presents its information.  (It's not by URI type or data

Which results to you feel are more "correct"?  Among those two sets of
results, what are the differences?

Just eyeballing your beagle-query results here, you say you see only two
conversations in beagle-search.  Based on the beagle-query output, you
have two emails there (conversations) and four mail attachments.  Those
attachments I believe show up as documents in beagle-search.  My guess
is that those four plus the number in your beagle-query output equals
18.  The two news feeds look correct to me.


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