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On Mon, 2006-04-24 at 10:49 -0400, Joe Shaw wrote:
> Hi,
> On Sun, 2006-04-23 at 23:19 -0400, Carlos Moffat wrote:
> > Or not. It seems I spoke too soon. As far as I can tell, all my email
> > and most if not all my files are already indexed, but beagled is still
> > using 48% of my memory, according to top. Numbers are similar as before,
> > with RES for beagled ~ 700MB (it reached 1.2G when indexing). 
> Sorry for getting into this thread so late.  There is a bunch of
> confusion and inaccuracy, so I am going to try to break down the
> situation:

This is undoubtedly my own ignorance spilling all over the place :)

>         * All versions of Beagle through 0.2.2 triggered a memory leak
>         in Mono that caused extremely high memory usage over time.
>         * 0.2.3 contained a workaround for this problem, as a fixed Mono
>         hadn't been released at that time, but the workaround itself was
>         buggy and would cause exceptions and explosive memory usage,
>         particularly if you were running Deskbar.

Mh. This makes sense. I think I started using the deskbar w/ 0.2.4, and
that's why I thought it was this version of beagle that was creating the

>         * 0.2.4 contained a modified workaround which also was buggy,
>         but which happened with less frequency.  Again, Deskbar is
>         usually what triggers it.

Also makes sense. 

>         * 0.2.5 is no different than 0.2.4 in this respect.
> Carlos, the exceptions you included are the exact exceptions that cause
> this memory issue.  The bug is in the workaround in Beagle itself, so
> changing the version of Mono you are running will have no effect on the
> issue.  These issues are tracked in these two bugs:
> Today I am going to revert and remove the workaround entirely and bump
> up the required Mono version to (the first version that fixed
> the leak bug in the first place).  This should solve all the issues,
> except that you'll have to upgrade Mono. :)  I didn't do this for 0.2.5
> because I know at least the Fedora and Ubuntu guys wanted an updated
> Beagle without needing to update their Mono stacks as well.

I'm looking forward to 0.2.6! Debian/Sid is running Mono right
now, so this is not a problem.

> If you are running from source, you can revert the workaround yourself
> by going to your beagled/Lucene.Net directory and running:
>         patch -p0 -R < upstream-changes/19_no_thread_local_storage.patch
> And then go up to your beagled directory and rebuild.  Remember, for
> this to work, you need Mono or newer.

> Hope this helps,
> Joe

It does. Thanks a lot for the explanation. As I don't speak 'mono',
plain English goes a long ways with me :)


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