Re: beagle queryable for Gentoo installed ebuilds

I was thinking of doing something similar to debian's package list
(its all stored in one file, but similar idea). I was planning on
doing a full blow crawler/scheduler with live updates etc, but maybe
thats just overkill.....


On 4/4/06, Pat Double <pat patdouble com> wrote:
> First, thanks for the beagle software and the quick help I have gotten writing
> the Gentoo ebuild filter for beagle. I am wanting to use this for my one stop
> search engine and therefore I have a request for some dev help. Not coding,
> just pointing me in the right direction. I hope I haven't skipped over
> documention on this...
> I want to write something that will the search results to indicate if an
> ebuild has been installed. Quick intro... ebuilds are the Gentoo
> specification of a package, like a .deb Debian file, etc. I also want to
> return info like when it was installed, the total package size, etc. I think
> a queryable would be best.
> Here's my thoughts so far...
> 1. Use a static index on /var/db/pkg since it does not change much and it
> system wide. I want to only include the .ebuild files since they contain the
> only searchable data.
> 2. Extend StaticQueryable and override DoQuery to post process the hit
> results. I would add properties to the hit results to include the install
> time, package size, etc.
> Questions:
> 1. Is it OK to override StaticQueryable and mess with the Hit objects?
> 2. How would I get my queryable to be used instead of StaticQueryable?
> 3. Other suggestions? I thought about modifying the FilterEbuild.cs to check
> if the file was actually in the /var/db/pkg directory (indicating it is part
> of the install database), and then include the properties. Only the filter is
> modified, no queryable needed, and that ebulid is touched whenever the
> installation changes so beagle would pick it up. However, that seems to be
> somewhat outside the scope of the filter.
> Also I will be modifying kerry (KDE specific search) to include the install
> time and package size so the results are shown.
> Thanks for your consideration.
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