Beagle: Some files not indexed?

I'm writing some XSLT stylesheets. One of keywords that I'm using in the
stylesheet, is "sqlEscape". Stylesheet itself is named
"cde2oldecdb.xsl". Findutils indexed this file:

maciej matilda:~$ locate cde2oldecdb.xsl

Now, I try to find this file with beagle search:

maciej matilda:~$ beagle-query cde2oldecdb.xsl
maciej matilda:~$ beagle-query cde2oldecdb
maciej matilda:~$

No results.

Another file, krok-zadania.odt was very stubborn and didn't want to get
indexed. I could see that beagled noticed a file change (or a file name
change), but it didn't appear in results.

I don't know if it's a typical behaviour, a bug or a feature, I just
wanted to report it and ask if it's possible to track beagled's
knowledge (and intentions ;-) ) about a specific file?

Maciej Bliziński <m blizinski wsisiz edu pl>

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