Re: beagle memory


On Mon, 2005-09-19 at 15:50 +0200, Nico Kaiser wrote:
> @devs:
> Could this be because of shutdown issues? Whenever I shutdown beagle
> (via beagle-shutdown) *or* whenever beagle tries to shutdown one of
> its helpers (when they consume too much memory), I get Zombie
> processes. Beagle stays intact, but the number of its zombie children
> grows over time, and if there are such zombies I can't exit beagled
> without kill-9 it...

The zombie processes are a bug in mono.  If you upgrade to mono
or 1.1.9 these should go away.  (I also think we worked around a lot of
them in 0.1.0 but I might be wrong about that.)

That won't really fix the memory problem though for a singular instance.
The index helper process can end up taking a large amount of memory, but
it's a short-lived process and we closely monitor its memory usage and
shut it down when that happens.  That's because of the size and nature
of people's data.

If beagled grows large, like it has in Gregor's case, that's obviously a
bug.  And like D Bera said, it would be good if it can be narrowed down
to a specific backend.


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