Re: Some 0.1.0 questions


On Sun, 2005-09-18 at 12:25 +0200, Andreas Wasserman wrote:
> Q: I have a large archive of movie trailers, where Beagle could be very
> handy in handing me results quickly, but I rarely use beagle for this
> since it seems to produce weird results depending on what I search for.
> Q: Some search words (like "The Rock") throw Best into loading mode not
> giving any results and making my cursor indicate it's loading until I
> give it a new search word that doesn't produce this behaviour.
> Best throws this exception but doesn't crash :

Did you run previous versions of Beagle?  You may want to delete your
indexes (in ~/.beagle/Indexes) and have them rebuilt, since certain
specifics of how files are indexed may have changed.

> Q: Window position for best, could it be saved from session to session?
> first thing I do every first launch after a startup is move the window
> to my prefered location.

This is #304775.  Just need someone to hack it up. :)

> Q: There is a feature request in bugzilla about Categories, any thoughts
> on this? For me it would be a godsend, now when Best shows results by
> date I usually get e-mails first and often end up having to scroll
> multiple pages to get to what I want, so if I find 110 E-Mails, 2 Video
> Files and 1 Audio file, having categories would even things out and show
> my hit on the very first page.
> I know I can search in specific categories but first of all it's a bunch
> of extra clicks I have to do before doing the actual search and second
> of all it doesn't cover categories, just types so I'm screwed there.

The whole UI is going to get reworked here soon, including sorting by
type, so hopefully this will be fixed before too long.


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