Re: Some 0.1.0 questions

> Q: I have a large archive of movie trailers, where Beagle could be very
> handy in handing me results quickly, but I rarely use beagle for this
> since it seems to produce weird results depending on what I search for.
> For example.
> File: Total
> I find the file using keyword "Recall" but not "Total".
> Is it supposed to do that, am I supposed to know these keywords or?

It doesnt (rather didnt, as far as i can recall) do that for me. Any
word in the filename used to be a searchable keyword. If the above
mentioned behaviour is there, its surely a bug.
> Q: Window position for best, could it be saved from session to session?
> first thing I do every first launch after a startup is move the window
> to my prefered location.

> Q: There is a feature request in bugzilla about Categories, any thoughts
> on this? For me it would be a godsend, now when Best shows results by
> date I usually get e-mails first and often end up having to scroll
> multiple pages to get to what I want, so if I find 110 E-Mails, 2 Video
> Files and 1 Audio file, having categories would even things out and show
> my hit on the very first page.

Apparently there is a work in progress.

> Q: Some search words (like "The Rock") throw Best into loading mode not
> giving any results and making my cursor indicate it's loading until I
> give it a new search word that doesn't produce this behaviour.
> ERROR: Got an exception while trying to read data:
> ERROR: System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Argument is out of range.
> in [0x0004d] System.DateTime:.ctor (Int64 newticks)

Unless someone else knows better, looks like yet another bug to me.
Try to query using command-line
$beagle-query --verbose "The Rock"
 and post the results.

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