Re: Indexing errors with beagle 0.1.0 / question concerning io-priority


On Fri, 2005-09-16 at 14:16 +0200, Jan Taegert wrote:
> on indexing my data, beagle from time to time brings the following
> reproducible error messages:
> 1.) When some file (here:
> /home/mochila/media/abspiellisten/Unbetitelt.m3u) is trashed:
> - Slightly different, when the same file is deleted:

Can you file a bug for this, and attach the file?

> 2.) Everytime (!), when filesystem crawling is done:

I suspect this is related to #1.

> 3.) Certain files (The other titels of this album are indexed without
> errors):
> > 05-09-16 31524 Beagle DEBUG: *** Add '/home/.medien/mugge/Sigur R�g�s byrjun' 'Sigur R� ��s byrjun - 06 - Hjarta�mast (bamm bamm bamm).ogg' (file)

I assume the file name is in UTF-8?  If not, things just won't work.

> Maybe one more bug:
> best, beagle-query or beagled itself seem to have problems with multiple
> tagged mp3. - If there is only a idv1 OR a idv2 tag, the content of this
> tag is displayed correctly in best, but if a file has both, best shows
> only the filename and - as description: Title 2 of "Unknown Album"

Please file this as well.  Bonus points if you can attach a file which
has both kinds of tags (but I understand if for legal reasons you

> Finally, I have a question:
> as Tomasz Torcz wrote:
> >  Beagle already ionice itself (grep for ioprio).
> > Unfortunately vanilla kernel doesn't allow  non-root processess to set self
> > priority to idle, due some priority-inheritance problems.
> That explains what I get from IndexHelper (I am using cfq-scheduler):
> > 05-09-16 31565 IndexH WARN: Unable to set IO-priority for process to idle
> Is there a workaround for this problem?

You'd have to run something like "ionice -c 3 su <user> -c beagled" as
root, unfortunately.


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