Beagle Search Not Reporting Accurately

I've just started using Beagle so perhaps I'm doing something wrong. I'm
running Debian Sid so I installed the beagle package (version 0.0.12-2).

I have it indexing just my home directory. The ~/.beagle directory has
now grown to 79MB. My problem is that sometimes the results of a query
(whether on the command line or through best) are not accurate. For
example, if I enter my girlfriend's name as the search term, *sometimes*
I will get over one hundred results. This is all well and good. However,
other times I will only get *fourteen* results. Fourteen?? And, if I'm
using best for the query, when I get the fourteen results, the cursor
will change to a busy cursor and stay that way when it is over the best

This will happen with any search term. Sometimes it works properly and
sometimes not. Am I doing something wrong?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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