extending and hacking beagle

First thank you (E)ikke for your reply ;)

I want to do things such as search all documents of type 'image' modified in year '2003' with keyword 'birthday' and size: 800x600.
I read the source of BeagleClient and noticed you only support keyword (with quote for exact match), and + and - signs. With a source with is only a local filter in the client GUI. So it is possible? Or should a new request type and executor be created?

What are domains? I saw Global, Local, Neighbourhood, but how does it work?

Is there yet memory leaks since you removed DBUS?

Why do you include a wrapper to SQLite since you use Lucene.NET? Is it to store the index? Why then to do you require extended attributes?

Why didn't you put the indexing thread with lowest priority so you can make it run all the time? My experience Google Desktop Search indexed my disks when I was idle, when I came back my system needed some time to be fast again, I suppose all caches were full of 'random' files. I the indexing occur while I work, I force the OS to cache both the file I currently use AND files being indexed.

AND FINALLY where the hell can I find a page with all infos for hacking so I don't have to ennoy you?

I ask this to know weither beagle can do you I want or if I will have to start my own project with only your filters.


Thanks !

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