Re: Beagle Search Not Reporting Accurately

On Fri, 2005-09-02 at 08:50 -0400, Rick Friedman wrote:
> I've just started using Beagle so perhaps I'm doing something wrong. I'm
> running Debian Sid so I installed the beagle package (version 0.0.12-2).
> I have it indexing just my home directory. The ~/.beagle directory has
> now grown to 79MB. My problem is that sometimes the results of a query
> (whether on the command line or through best) are not accurate. For
> example, if I enter my girlfriend's name as the search term, *sometimes*
> I will get over one hundred results. This is all well and good. However,
> other times I will only get *fourteen* results. Fourteen?? And, if I'm
> using best for the query, when I get the fourteen results, the cursor
> will change to a busy cursor and stay that way when it is over the best
> window. 
> This will happen with any search term. Sometimes it works properly and
> sometimes not. Am I doing something wrong?
> Any help is greatly appreciated.

This has gotten ridiculous. Beagle is no good to me if it doesn't come
up with accurate results. More than half the time there are many fewer
results than there should be for a search term. The other times, it is
correct. Plus, I now find that mono is using up about 80% of my cpu

Please tell me if I am doing something wrong. All I did was install the
Debian Sid package for Beagle (as well as a few mono packages which were
dependencies). When I start up my Gnome session, I have beagled
automatically start along with best. As of now, my ~/.beagle directory
is 82.2MB. 

Why should the number of results change the way they have been? If I
need to configure something, please let me know.

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