Re: emails in MH format by mua like sylpheed


On Sun, 2005-10-16 at 19:36 +0200, Martin Bretschneider wrote:
> My mua is sylpheed-(claws) for some years and sylpheed does store
> emails in the so called MH mailbox format� that is like the Maildir
> format and stores each email in one file. So these emails are
> recognized by beagle as files. Could you use the Maildir backend to
> index this files as emails as well?

I'm not familiar with the file format, and the brief browsing I did from
your link didn't really help out there.  Do you know the difference
between MH and maildir?

If it's simple, it'd probably take no time at all to adapt the Maildir
filter.  If not, it'd probably be a fairly simple project for someone
who is itching to get involved in Beagle development. :)

> Another issue is that beagle seems to use Evolution as the default
> mua instead of using the default gnome-mua. Could you please use this
> one?

Probably not.  There isn't any standard URI scheme when it comes to
viewing or replying to mails, and since support for Evolution came first
and is arguably the predominant mailer on Linux, we went with that.

We do try to work around it a bit, though, by trying to index where the
mail came from and then run the right thing based on that.  So if you're
not running Evolution at all, it probably won't come up.


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