Re: emails in MH format by mua like sylpheed

Hi Martin,

Martin Bretschneider wrote:
I tested beagle 0.1.1 this weekend and find it very interesting.

My mua is sylpheed-(claws) for some years and sylpheed does store
emails in the so called MH mailbox format� that is like the Maildir
format and stores each email in one file. So these emails are
recognized by beagle as files. Could you use the Maildir backend to
index this files as emails as well?

As well as a MH mailbox filter, a Sylpheed mail backend for beagle ideally needs to be written.

Does sylpheed support opening mails by filename or URI? For example, in evolution every mail has its own unique URI, e.g. "email://1124556450 26203 16 dsd/Lists/dashboard-hackers;uid=20"

If sylpheed supports opening a specific mail by a unique identifier over some mechanism then this could happen.


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