Firefox trickiness

I've been dealing with a number of difficulties trying to get
Beagle/Best to work, but last night I seem to have hit a breakthrough.
 For the first time, beagled would run.  Best would still complain
about, but now it seems like if I get FF worked out,
I'll be good.

I just had a general question: is it possible to prevent errors like
this happening?  It doesn't seem ideal to require Mozilla/FF to use
best, or to be restricted to using a certain version or hand-editing
/usr/bin/best (and maybe those are just temporary solutions) and it
would be nice if best didn't care which version you had or could
figure it out on your own.  At the very least, could an environment
variable be set that would be used in best?  It'd still have to be
edited by the user, but that's no worse than right now, and it
wouldn't be in a file that would be overwritten on a reinstall of
best, for example.

I'm interested in brainstorming this....



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