Re: Restarting w/o losing the indices

Are you indexing files on NFS (or something mounted remotely) ? This
seems to be a problem with index synchronization (which, I think,
copies the index locally, does more indexing and copies it back upon
shutdown). I noticed there is a flag to turn off this feature:

$ beagle-config daemon ToggleIndexSynchronization
(Toggles whether your indexes will be synchronized locally if your
home directory is on a network device (eg. NFS/Samba))

You may want to play with the ToggleIndexSynchronization flag till the
problem is fixed. But I am not sure of its consequences, be careful.
Good luck,
- d.

On 10/12/05, Henry S. Thompson <ht inf ed ac uk> wrote:
> So I just did beagle-shutdown, waited 10 minutes, checked ps, and
> started a new daemon.  Result: 4 days worth of indices thrown away :-(
> I attach the end of the old session log and the beginning of the new
> one -- can any expert point me at where in the process the indices are
> getting trashed, or better, suggest how to avoid this in future?
> I'd enter a bug in Bugzilla, but this is too vague as it stands. . .
> Thanks,
> ht

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