Re: Beagle thinks Im running windows?

On Wed, 30 Nov 2005 10:19:37 +0100, Robin Haswell <rob digital-crocus com> wrote:

Although I only know about mono what I can guess from my background as a PHP programmer, I think this might help you:

From what I can gather, .NET is a cross-platform standard, designed by Microsoft. Cross-platform applies to the filesystem as well, and MS's dynamic libraries have the .dll extension. Therefore, all the Mono libraries have the .dll extension. I have a load of libraries on my system ending in .dll, in /usr/lib/mono. I think this problem might be related to your dynamic linker, and you might find if you search your filesystem you'll find some .dlls as well.

I dont have any problems with having dll:s on my system (not that much anyway :P ), but it seems like Mono doesn't create these automatically. What I do like to know is how these files should be created automatically in the future. Do I need to remake binutils against Mono, to have these dll:s created next time? Or is there an easier way?


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