Re: Dashboard

Thats good toughts..
I whould be interested in hacking some on holmes
I just did this crappy Tomboy action, and I feel that I can do more.

It looked like it was just a hack fest nothing more :)

Meulemeester Jan Dante wrote:

well to quote someone before me on this list: "hopefully it won't die in
CVS" maybe there's need for a team that works on use cases,
usability, .. for dashboard, no coding yet. So Beagle can focus partly
on the advice of that team. Having those would be easyer for future
developpers of dashboard for coding.


Op wo, 23-11-2005 te 22:49 +0100, schreef giskard:
Il giorno mer, 23/11/2005 alle 21.56 +0100, Meulemeester Jan Dante ha
so if beagle is the file backend for dashboard then you can compare best
to dashboard only in a minor form or what?
Best will be part of the moment, imho, is only a useful
tool to use beagle instead of waiting someone that will fix dashboard


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