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Il giorno mer, 23/11/2005 alle 20.09 +0100, Meulemeester Jan Dante ha
> What is the value that dashboard can give gnome users more than what
> beagle can give them?

beagle support : 
BugzillaBackend.cs  GaleonBookmarksBackend.cs GoogleBackend.cs
ManPagesBackend.cs RhythmboxLibraryBackend.cs RSSBackend.cs

afaik beagle is the FILE backend of dashboard, i'm wrong?

> Little information for users on the net about Dashboard although I heard
> of it for more then a year now. For what there is to read
> ( i think it would be great to have a
> always on side-bar. But aren't these things explained on the slides and
> the site possible with beagle if it uses better ui, sorting (project
> holmes)

at the moment (imo) also holmes is not actively developed. 

> I can't really see the difference.

i see the difference :)
ciao giskard

banlieues e periferia il problema e' la polizia

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