Re: hanging IndexWebContent-processes


On Tue, 2005-05-31 at 18:37 +0200, Holger Leskien wrote:
> holger degenatron:~$ beagle-index-url --url
> INFO: Running IndexWebContent
> DEBUG: Debug Mode!
> Indexing
> DEBUG: SendAsync
> DEBUG: Close
> DEBUG: Done
> And that's it. No exiting, even after pressing return. Waited at least a
> minute.

Hmm, I cannot duplicate this with mono on SUSE 9.3 or 1.1.7 on
Ubuntu Hoary, using latest Beagle CVS.  Are you running the 0.0.10
release, or CVS from prior?  I know Jon added a fix immediately before
the 0.0.10 release which fixed some delays and (in rare cases)
segfaults, so if you're not running the 0.0.10 release or CVS, please
try that.

Beyond that, if it still happens, I'm a little stuck.  You could try
editing the beagle-index-url script and adding "--trace" after the mono
call.  That'll output a *crapload* of stuff to the screen.  I'm
interested in the last, say, 20 or so lines before it hangs.

> > As for the debug logging, that's probably just a bug in the code.
> Ok. Do you have it on your list or shall I write a bug report?

You don't need to worry about filing it, but I want to get this issue
fixed first.


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