Re: What does --with-thunderbird option do in configure?

Thanks for clarifying that.  btw - where do I find firefox-gtkmozembed?

I don't use gnome - kde or icewm. When I open nautilus, I don't see most of the icons, I guess I need to configure nautilus correctly to see icons correctly in best..


joeshaw novell com wrote:


On Sat, 2005-05-28 at 20:06 -0400, Abbas Faiq wrote:
I was under the impression that beagle did not search Thunderbird email/address book.

It doesn't.  See below.

Then I noticed the following as one of the configure options:

                         Whether to use mozilla, firefox or thunderbird

so I went ahead and used "--with-firefox --with-thunderbird" as options for ./autogen.

Note that the option is actually "--with-mozilla=firefox" or
"--with-mozilla=thunderbird".  This just tells Beagle from where to get
the gecko rendering engine, which is what Best uses to display its UI.

Also, how do I get Best to put the right icons on the search results - Word icon for .doc, Excel for .xls, Star office/Open Office for .sxw etc?

It should do it automatically.  It extracts the icons using gnome-vfs.
Are the right icons shown in Nautilus?


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