Re: Beagle forgets indexes, files backend broken

On Thu, 2005-05-26 at 10:34 +0200, Nico Kaiser wrote:

> So is there a way to avoid these dangling locks? I did not do anything
> special, but every 3-4 minutes, there are dangling locks in my mail
> index, so beagle deletes the index. This makes it completely
> unusable...
> Any news, or anything I can provide to help finding this bug?
> (still Ubuntu Hoary, Mono 1.1.7, no inotify, beagle from cvs)

Is this filed in bugzilla?  I couldn't find it.  

Try this: delete your .beagle/MailIndex directly entirely, to see if
that fixes the issue.

If not, please attach the full logs of both beagled and the index helper
for two runs: the one in which the index is created, and the one in
which it says that there are dangling locks.  Oh, and run with
--debug. :)


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