Beagle forgets indexes, files backend broken


I'm using Beagle from CVS and currently (for some weeks  now) it seems to be a bit broken.

- The files backend indexes my files correctly, but seems to be stuck in some directories (no special files, no special file names). It walks this directory over and over again even when there is no open file at all.

- When I disable the files backend, all other elements are indexed correctly and Beagle works quite nice. However when I quit and restart beagled, it randomly forgets indexes and re-indexes e.g. all my mail (which is a pain for 40.000 mails).

Are these issues known ones (as Beagle is under heavy development), or am I doing something wrong?

(Ubuntu Hoary with Mono 1.1.7 from Hoary-Backports, Beagle either from CVS HEAD or beagle-no-dbus-branch, no difference)


Nico Kaiser     ::
nico siriux net ::

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