Re: Beagle forgets indexes, files backend broken

On Tue, 2005-05-17 at 11:21 +0200, Nico Kaiser wrote:
> - The files backend indexes my files correctly, but seems to be stuck
> in some directories (no special files, no special file names). It
> walks this directory over and over again even when there is no open
> file at all.

That's odd.  Do you have write access to the directory?  Are there any
errors in the logs?

> - When I disable the files backend, all other elements are indexed
> correctly and Beagle works quite nice. However when I quit and restart
> beagled, it randomly forgets indexes and re-indexes e.g. all my mail
> (which is a pain for 40.000 mails).

Beagle has to recrawl the mail files to make sure there haven't been any
changes since it last checked.  It's probably just crawling the mail
files, not reindexing them.  Unfortunately Evolution's data files makes
this an expensive operation, which is something they are fixing for 2.4
I believe.


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