Beagle and filesystem hierarchy

Today the "critical mass" of the chaos on my hdd has been reached and I
decided to do some house keeping. I wanted to re-organize some of "my
documents" and do some cleaning. Having Beagle in mind, I wanted to
reorganize the stuff in such a way, that I could easily find it later on
using Beagle. Here is what I found out.

I started with the folder "Anomalia" which contains all the things
related to my movie Anomalia. That includes hundreds of documents,
scripts, set-photos, preview files (video, music), tech-lists, sketched
images, etc... It's a good use-case, as most of the documents have more
than one version. 

There were two music propositions for the movie written by two different
guys (rosiak & fala). The rosiak's music has been accepted, but I still
want to keep the fala's proposition for future reference. So I thought
I'd create the folders in following structure (folders start with *):

* Anomalia
   * Music
       * Rosiak
       * Fala

Now, let's say I want to find the final version of the music for the
movie (Anomalia/Music/Rosiak/Final.mp3). I enter:

"anomalia music" 

...into beagle, and I hope to find the above files and select the
"Final.mp3". No luck, zero results. I try different queries:

"music rosiak"
"music final"
"rosiak final"

Each gives zero results (notice that I skipped "anomalia"), although
they seem to be perfectly logical. I CAN find the file by using:


...queries. But this is nonsense, as I have hundreds of other results
with "rosiak" and millions of files with "final". 

I understand, that the idea of Beagle is to get rid of the
"hierarchical-folder-tree-way-of-thinking"... but: the only way to find
my files using the "anomalia music" query (which is the fisrt query that
comes to my mind) would be to organize it:

* Anomalia
     Music - Rosiak - Version1.mp3 
     Music - Rosiak - Version2.mp3
     Music - Rosiak - Version3.mp3
     Music - Rosiak - Final.mp3
     Music - Fala - Version1.mp3

...but trying to follow this rule will make my "Anomalia" folder 500
items big, and will make it totaly unusable to everything other than
Beagle. Not to mention the time it would take to rename everything to
fit this scheme (and the time to add new items to this scheme). 

So, the conclusion: I think Beagle should analyze the complete paths and
break them into indexable keywords. Like: 


...should give: 




Michał Dominik K.
mdk mdk org pl

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