Re: Beagle and filesystem hierarchy


On Fri, 2005-05-27 at 12:53 +0200, MDK wrote:
> ..into beagle, and I hope to find the above files and select the
> "Final.mp3". No luck, zero results. I try different queries:
> "music rosiak"
> "music final"
> "rosiak final"
> Each gives zero results (notice that I skipped "anomalia"), although
> they seem to be perfectly logical. I CAN find the file by using:
> "final"
> "rosiak"
> ..queries. But this is nonsense, as I have hundreds of other results
> with "rosiak" and millions of files with "final". 

Is the reason for this id3 tags, or something else?  I think the parent
paths are completely unsearched presently.  What is the output of a
desired hit from "beagle-query --verbose final rosiak"?

Generally speaking, "beagle-query --verbose" is the only way to debug
search result problems, because Best doesn't present all the low-level

> So, the conclusion: I think Beagle should analyze the complete paths and
> break them into indexable keywords. Like: 
> /Anomalia/Music/Rosiak/Final.mp3 
> ..should give: 
> "Anomalia"
> "Music"
> "Rosiak"
> "Final" 
> ..keywords. 

Yeah, I think this is a good idea.  We used to do something like this,
but it didn't really work out because it would include things like
"/home/joe" or "/opt/gnome/share/applications" and then searching for
"home" or your username or "gnome" would turn up a ton of unrelated

Basically, I think we'll need to filter out the "root" directories that
are merely filesystem implementation details and do things rooting from
your home dir or whatever.

Essentially, your example would likely be a single property which would
be "Anomalia Music Rosiak Final mp3" (maybe without the "mp3").

Can you file a bug about this?


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