Unhandled exception in Beagle CVS 27may05

I just compiled Beagle CVS from today (27 May 05). The Beagle daemon seems to 
be working well, but best crashes with this message:

user thinkpad:~$ best
*** Registering -webcal handler.
*** Registering text/calendar handler.
*** Registering webcal protocol handler.

Unhandled Exception: GConf.NoSuchKeyException: Key 
'/desktop/gnome/interface/font_name' not found in GConf
in <0x000e5> GConf.Client:Get (string)
in <0x00018> Beagle.Util.GeckoUtils:SetFonts ()
in <0x00077> Beagle.Util.GeckoUtils:SetSystemFonts ()
in <0x0008a> Best.Best:Main (string[])

Does anybody know of a fix, or should I revert to a release version. Thanks!

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