Re: trouble compiling cvs version of beagle

Thank you - that was it.  Beagle compiled fine.  Looks great.
sbishop trinitybiblecollege edu wrote:

Make sure intltool is installed. Using ubuntu, i had it installed, but
it was a custom debian version. I installed the standard one alongside,
and the errors went away (although mine was actually compiling tomboy,
but almost identical errors):

On Mon, 2005-05-23 at 09:35 -0400, afaiq aol com wrote:
Hi - I am trying to compile the cvs beagle version as of May 22.  I am
getting the following error during ./autogen.

checking for System.Runtime.Remoting.dll... found
checking for System.Web.dll... found
checking for System.Web.Services.dll... found
checking for wsdl... /usr/bin/wsdl
./configure: line 20015: syntax error near unexpected token `0.23'
./configure: line 20015: `AC_PROG_INTLTOOL(0.23)'

I have been told that beagle developers may hang out on this mailing
list, so hoping for someone to respond.  My environment is SuSE9.2
with kernel, with inotify patch.  I have been trying to get
beagle to work over the last several weeks on SuSE9.2 and it has been
very frustrating with the dbus dependencies.  I believe that dbus is
not required with the current cvs version...

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