Re: beagle impressions

Daniel Drake ha scritto:

>federico wrote:
>>i updated my gnome-control-center (although i do not use gnome) to
>>version 2.8, and still cannot find an applet to change file associations
>>in Gnome.
>I'm using Gnome 2.10 and right clicking on a file in nautlius, and choosing
>properties, will present me an "Open With" tab.
this partially solved my problem.
now mp3s are opened with xmms.
however with an mpg file, Best says: 'cannot open MimeType
application/octet-stream', while doubleclicking in nautilus opens it
with mplayer (selecting mpg-file->properties->open with, mplayer is

another problem is with directories (type=folder): i configured in the
'open with' tab to open them with /usr/bin/rox, but they still open in
nautilus, within Beast and within nautilus too. (this seems like an
unchangeable behavior of Gnome filemanager(?))


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