Re: beagle impressions

federico wrote:
> i finally got beagle-0.0.9 working.
> it is a really powerful tool, i'm impressed
> however i miss the "search over the web" feature...
> i heard about Google Backend, but it is limited to 1000 queries...
> does exists some documentation to write my own backend?

The Wiki has some details, for the rest it's best just to read the source code
of other backends.

> in addition: i am wondering where beagle (best) guess which application
> run for a specific filetype. i searched over gconf database
> unsuccessfully. i.e: i want open folders with rox instead of nautilus,
> images with gthumb instead of gimp, mp3 with xmms etc...

Best opens them with whatever gnome-vfs has registered. It's the equivalent of
	gnome-open /path/to/some/folder
	gnome-open /path/to/file.mp3

> in addition (2): why processes launched from beagle then appear as defunct?


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