Re: beagle impressions

Enver ALTIN ha scritto:

>>i ran gnomecc (, and saw that files .mp3 of type audio/mpeg, are

in reply to Daniel:
launching gnome-open <mp3-file>, opens realplayer, the same thing as Best

>gnomecc is almost older than my 3 year old sister. You really have to
>remove that and anything relates to GNOME 1.4 series :)

i updated my gnome-control-center (although i do not use gnome) to
version 2.8, and still cannot find an applet to change file associations
in Gnome.

i use MIME-Editor (MIME-Editor is an editor for the
shared MIME database.) but it doesn't provide information on which
program is associated to a MIME Type, only rules to match mime types.
in my file manager (rox) i bind MIME types to applications, but this may
be application specific


>GNOME follows the Shared MIME specification draft, so
>that's what BEST uses.

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