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On Mon, 2005-05-09 at 11:05 -0400, Joe Shaw wrote:
> Yeah, we probably would.  I hadn't thought of that.  Other
> GNOME-related projects like Rhythmbox and AbiWord get translations and
> they're not developed in GNOME CVS.  I'll bring it up on gnome-i18n
> like Enver suggested.

The other problem, GTP-wise of course, is the string-freeze issue for
official modules. Looking at the future, if we ever decide to propose,
say, Beagle & co. for inclusion to the GNOME Desktop, i18n people will
want to be able to follow string changes preferably the way they are
following other source tree of other modules.

That said, it looks like there are a few options:

      * Waive off a few goodies, move to somewhere else and copy useful
        things back and forth from time to time. Ease-up one thing, make
        something else harder. eek :)
      * Bring the issue up on the desktop-devel list, and convince
        fellow hackers that some other revision control systems would
        make the development process more effective in the mid term and
        wait until this really happens (this is what I suggest)

Actually, either way, i18n people are more than willing to help. They
will find our po files and documentation-to-be-translated wherever they
are and they will just keep going, but tools[1] provided by GTP and GDP
are there for making their life easier.

I think any project should care about this, because these guys are doing
a bit more than just translation. They also contribute by many other
ways and most of them are wannabe hackers.

[1] Primarily, I mean l10n-status pages. That's a fantastic thing.
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