Re: State of the Pooch

Joe Shaw wrote:
> * Move to subversion, probably in Novell Forge
>         With a project as dynamic as Beagle, CVS really gets in the way
>         of trying to manage the source of a project.  Similar-but-better
>         tools  exist, so we shouldn't allow ourselves to be hamstrung by
>         crappy tools.  Setting up the no-dbus branch a week or so ago, I
>         got royally screwed by CVS.  There was a lot of swearing by me.
>         A Lot.  Ask anyone.  There are also files in CVS which are
>         simply named incorrectly (EvolutionMailDriver.cs, for one), and
>         we can't rename it without losing all of our history.

If we move away from GNOME CVS, will we lose out on the translations side?
Right now, it looks like random gnome translators are stumbling onto our
project and and translating it into all kinds of languages, which I'm very
impressed by.


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