Re: State of the Pooch


On Thu, 2005-05-05 at 18:23 -0400, Joe Shaw wrote:
> It's been a while since we sent out an email detailing what we're doing,
> what our plans are, what all this means, so I thought now would be a
> good time to fill you in.

Of course, I forgot three other big things:


        We need to write a C API so that external applications that
        aren't written in Mono can integrate with the Beagle searching
        and indexing infrastructure.  Which brings us to...
* Integration with Nautilus and the file chooser

        This is a no-brainer.  What good is a search infrastructure if
        the file system isn't using it?  There is a hack in CVS now, but
        we need to write propert integration with these things.
        I'd also love to see some rather radical functional mockups
        involving replacing the standard file chooser dialogs solely
        with a search-based interface so we could unleash it on people
        in the usability lab.
* Move to subversion, probably in Novell Forge

        With a project as dynamic as Beagle, CVS really gets in the way
        of trying to manage the source of a project.  Similar-but-better
        tools  exist, so we shouldn't allow ourselves to be hamstrung by
        crappy tools.  Setting up the no-dbus branch a week or so ago, I
        got royally screwed by CVS.  There was a lot of swearing by me.
        A Lot.  Ask anyone.  There are also files in CVS which are
        simply named incorrectly (EvolutionMailDriver.cs, for one), and
        we can't rename it without losing all of our history.
        It looks like GNOME won't be moving to subversion any time soon
        (although the discussion has started up again on the lists and
        will happen again at GUADEC), so our two obvious places to go
        are Mono CVS and Novell Forge.  I support the latter because we
        can be very active in the role of getting developers accounts
        and access to our tree.
        We don't have a timetable for this right now.  We'll need to
        coordinate with the GNOME CVS admins, but we're a pretty small
        project so I suspect it'll take a weekend.


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