Re: Odd problem with Beagle - disappearing address book

On 5/4/05, Ryan B Rousseau <rrouss7 lsu edu> wrote:
> I noticed this problem a few weeks ago. What seems to happen is that it
> will work fine one time, but the next time beagled runs, it will load the
> contacts, but then promptly dumps them. That's what I observed from the
> beagle logs anyhow. I posted a bug about it,
> Also, I've already applied the fix Martin suggested, but I still have the
> problem.

This is EXACTLY what I'm facing.  Often, I can start beagled,
immediately do a search, the address book entry will appear, but a few
seconds later, it disappears.  The only way to get it re-indexed is to
stop and restart beagled.  I even left the machine sitting overnight
to see if it re-indexed it later, but no go.

I'll check out that patch soon myself, and see if it works here - I
did try a cvs checkout from yesterday, and face the same problem.


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