Re: [tomboy-list] Feature Request: Hidden URIs/Names for links

Hey all,
I get the same thing when  I drag files from nautilus.
It happens no matter what type of file it is (I tried, tar.gz, jpg, exe, .conf, .doc) I noticed something else when the filename has spaces in it. the second link (in the form of /home/user/My file here) ends up only linked till 'My'. anything after the space is just plain text, while the one that says file://home/user/My file here
is just fine.

Alex Graveley wrote:

Hi Andreas,

This is quite strange. Tomboy just inserts whatever URIs are dropped. What program are you dragging these links from?


On Mar 19, 2005, at 2:11 AM, Andreas Klostermann wrote:


It's great to have place to drop my files/images/links to. Tomboy is
well suited for this purpose, since it can organize these kind of things
in a wiki-like manner.

However, the current handling of the links is a bit strange. If you drop
a file into a note, a link is created. For me it is something like


It's confusing to have a two line link, and I can't find a reason why
one would need the second line. Or even the first. Deleting either one
of these lines still leaves a working link.

I'd like to propose two ways of doing this:

a) Hide the uri. Dropping a file creates a popup asking for the link
b) insert a link icon (a mini-thumbnail or an icon from the internet
page) + a link text that is attached to the icon, editable in the note

thanks for reading and best regards,

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