Re: Beagle: Consumes lots of memory making the system unusable

It's actually CVS from last Thursday or Friday. I wasn't able to get cvs to compile at all yesterday. I'll try again today though.

Joe Shaw wrote:
On Tue, 2005-03-15 at 13:23 -0600, Shane Bishop wrote:
Here's what is getting repeated on the 10 GB log file:

05-03-15 20199 Beagle WARN: Caught exception in DoTaskReal
05-03-15 20199 Beagle WARN:
Tag: /home/sbishop/.evolution/mail/local/Inbox
05-03-15 20199 Beagle WARN:     Creator:
05-03-15 20199 Beagle WARN: Description:
05-03-15 20199 Beagle WARN:    Priority: Generator (0)
05-03-15 20199 Beagle WARN: System.NullReferenceException:
Object reference not set to an instance of an object
in [0x000a5]
(at /home/beagle/beagled/EvolutionMailDriver/EvolutionMailIndexableGenerator.cs:327) Beagle.Daemon.EvolutionMailDriver EvolutionMailIndexableGeneratorMbox:HasNextIndexable ()
in [0x000de] (at /home/beagle/beagled/LuceneQueryable.cs:631)
LuceneTask:DoTaskReal ()
in [0x0003c] (at /home/beagle/Util/Scheduler.cs:193) Task:DoTask ()

The crazy thing is that I don't even have evolution configured, and I
don't have the evolution plugin installed.

What version of beagle are you running?  The line number referenced
doesn't seem possible with 0.0.7 or today's CVS.


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