Re: Beagle: Consumes lots of memory making the system unusable

Here's what is getting repeated on the 10 GB log file:

05-03-15 20199 Beagle WARN: Caught exception in DoTaskReal
05-03-15 20199 Beagle WARN:         Tag: /home/sbishop/.evolution/mail/local/Inbox
05-03-15 20199 Beagle WARN:     Creator:
05-03-15 20199 Beagle WARN: Description:
05-03-15 20199 Beagle WARN:    Priority: Generator (0)
05-03-15 20199 Beagle WARN: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
in [0x000a5] (at /home/beagle/beagled/EvolutionMailDriver/EvolutionMailIndexableGenerator.cs:327) Beagle.Daemon.EvolutionMailDriver .EvolutionMailIndexableGeneratorMbox:HasNextIndexable ()
in [0x000de] (at /home/beagle/beagled/LuceneQueryable.cs:631) LuceneTask:DoTaskReal ()
in [0x0003c] (at /home/beagle/Util/Scheduler.cs:193) Task:DoTask ()

The crazy thing is that I don't even have evolution configured, and I don't have the evolution plugin installed.


Jon Trowbridge wrote:
On Tue, 2005-03-15 at 11:11 -0500, Ken VanDine wrote:
I had not noticed this, but this thread made me look.  I have a single
IndexHelper log file that is 8.1G.

Presumably the IndexHelper got stuck in some sort of fast loop, maybe
throwing an exception that is caught and logged every time?  Could you
look at the end of the log and check if any particular messages are
being repeated thousands of times?  If so, could you file a bug report
and include the repeated log messages in the description?


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