Re: Beagle and gdesklets

On 6/24/05, Shane Bishop <sbishop trinitybiblecollege edu> wrote:
Doesn't play well with dual-displays. The desklet shows up right smack
on the split between the screens, and I can only move it to the right
one. It refuses to go any further left than the current position.

It is not intended to be a gdesklet in the traditional sense, like i said i am implementing the scoop sidebar which means positioning must be automatic. If you start two instances you should see the second start below the first and move up and down when you expand and collapse the first instance.

The code to handle this positioning is in Controls/Packer/ You'll notice static class declarations of x, y and width where x is hardcoded to 1280px minus the width. Change this.

There seems to be a bug in gdesklets about window position, because as you can see in the screenshot the desklet is not all the way to the right on my screen. This only happens when the "over" window flag is set. If you work this out, mail me.

also opens up a little box asking me to start the beagle, and then
contains what looks like debugging info. I assume that part is

Of course. This is not a release by any stretch of the imagination.

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