Running without extended attributes


After talking it over with Jon and Fredrik, I committed some changes to
allow Beagle to run without extended attributes.  This now means that,
in theory anyway, you can actually run Beagle on filesystems like NFS or

If you don't have EAs, Beagle will fall back to using a SQLite database
for storing file attributes.  I also committed some optimizations to
this which I hope will be workable as far as improved performance.
Regardless, the SQLite backend is going to be much, much slower than
extended attributes in all cases.

I also added support for backends to require that EAs be enabled, but
none of the backends have this turned on right now.

Speaking specifically to NFS home directory users, this will probably be
intolerably slow right now.  Jon is going to be doing some work to
handle remote homedirs better, and Fredrik is doing work so that users
can create static indexes (ie, index the files on the NFS server, rather
than the client) so these will help those users in the future.  But for
now, it's gonna suck.

Anyway, as always, please file bugs.  And I'd love to hear a testimonial
or two from those brave enough to try running on an NFS home directory.


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