Re: .noindex files are ignored and disappearing file index

I just started playing with it and the GUI looks great.

However, when I make a change and click OK. beagled doesn't reflect the
changes. For instance I added /home/amp/nwn as a excluded path, but it
is still being indexed and if I search for "nwn" items in
/home/amp/nwn are return.

Also, /home/amp/source was excluded at start-up and beagled obviously
knows about it, because it doesn't return results from that tree, but
it is still indexing it. This is, of course, a complete waste of time.
Also, beagled crawled /home/amp/source at start-up.

Obviously the excludes list is not being checked or is being disregarded

I am using anoncvs of this morning.

I'll try to get a debug log, but right now I am getting errors about a
missing file from

Should I bugzilla this?


On 6/17/2005, "Fredrik Hedberg" <fredrik hedberg avafan com> wrote:

>> But it is spend most of it's time indexing my collection of kernel trees
>> and other random source code. I added an empty .noindex file to the
>> directory, but nothing changed. Then I grep'ed the beagle source for
>> "noindex". It is not there.
>> Has this feature been removed? I like the idea of it and the new
>> "beagle-config indexing AddIgnorePattern" thing does not replace it
>> because you cannot recursively ignore a specific directory, because
>> matching is done on single path elements instead of the entire path.
>If you're running the CVS version of Beagle you should be able to find a
>thing called "Search & Indexing" in your gnome control center (or
>'beagle-settings' for the commandline kinda guy) which will allow you to
>add other directories than $HOME for indexing, as well as exclude stuff
>like directories, patterns and mail folders.

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