Re: hanging IndexWebContent-processes

James Ogley <james <at>> writes:

> > i am also having that problem,
> > i installed Beagle 0.10 from
> > under SUSE 9.3 (default kernel, no inotify support)
> > i updated Mono to 1.1.7. still having that problem,
> > do i need to recompile Beagle after updating Mono?
> I've done new builds of 0.0.10 that are built against 1.1.7 - I will be
> uploading them later today.

Hello James

Thank you for providing Beagle compiled against Mono 1.1.7 .
but unfortunatly Beagle is giving more troubles when using against Mono 1.1.7 ,
beagle-index-url instances still hanging,
only GOD knows why had Beagle-developers removed working web-history indexer and
replaced it with beagle-index-url,
File-System indexer stopped working and showing a long output,

basically it talks about SQLite a lot,
but Mono-Data-SQLite is installed,

i got that error in Beagle 0.0.10-2 too,

Beagle is getting worst :-(

Raghu GS

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