Re: hanging IndexWebContent-processes

Paul Wellner Bou <paul <at>> writes:

> >>It seems that those never ending beagle-index-url processes don't delete 
> >>the source files.
> > 
> > Ooh, really?  This would mean that execution never gets to the point in
> > which the files are deleted, which would (most likely) mean some sort of
> > deadlock within mono itself.
> Well, I am sure. I have about 400 files in ~/.beagle/firefox -- but some 
> of them a few days old. It is possible that those files are all the 
> files of all never-ended-processes.
> > One thing you might want to try is to edit the beagle-index-url script
> > and remove the "--debug" option to mono, to see if that has an effect.
> It does not have any effect.
> But could it be possible, that this problem is caused when I open three, 
> four, five or more urls at the same time or almost at the same time? 
> Like opening a bookmark folder in all tabs at once, opening a few tabs 
> at once by rightclicking or/and opening sites with frames/iframes?
> > If anyone having this problem is running an RPM distribution, try
> > installing mono rpms from here:
> I am using debian sid with the mono 1.1.7 installed with the mono installer.
> ...and there are some libs of ubuntu installed.
> Regards
> Paul.

Hello Everybody

i am also having that problem,
i installed Beagle 0.10 from
under SUSE 9.3 (default kernel, no inotify support)
i updated Mono to 1.1.7. still having that problem,
do i need to recompile Beagle after updating Mono?


Raghu GS

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