Re: Beagle suddenly stopped showing matching Gaim log entries in search results, please help

> Hello D Bera
> i don't know to work on luke,
> and i don't know what information you are expecting from me,
> so i think chatting is the best way,
> so when do you come in #dashboard channel?

Luke is a handy tool to check the index created by beagle indexer.
>From the luke website
1) Download lukeall.jar
2) Double click the file or run it with java -jar lukeall.jar (you
need to have java run time installed)
3) It will open a GUI and another window will open asking for path to
the index Give the path your_home_dir/.beagle/GaimLogIndex/.../Index
4) Luke will open the index and show you information about the number
of documents, terms etc. You can check the <Text> field there, select
it and click on the button "show top terms" (or something like that)
and it will show the terms indexed.
5) The find tab also helps you search the index. Use
Text:text_to_search to search for the word text_to_search.
6) Google :) to find more help.

No fixed time for irc. You can try watching for my nickname (same as
signature) but in IRC you will find smarter people to help you anyway.

- dBera

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