Re: Beagle suddenly stopped showing matching Gaim log entries in search results, please help

It might not be due to all these services,updates. 

To figure out if the index is properly created, you can use Luke
( - it has a java gui to show you the
documents, indexed terms in the index. You can also search the indices
for words (similar to searching using best or beagle-query).

> Beagle starting from yesterday stopped showing matching gaim log entries in
> search results.
> beagle shrunk gaim log index from 2542 to 842 and Indexing service index
> from
> 2871 to 727 (why?).
> before that i done the following,

> after knowing something wrong happending i rolled back these updates 
> and created a new irc account in gaim in a new user account and 
> enabled beagle for that new user account, and i for testing purpose 
> logged to a non-existance channel, and typed something after 
> enabling logging in gaim, there too beagle index what i typed but not 
> shown it in search results 
> actually beagle indexes gaim log, (beagle logs witnesses that)
> but both beagle-query nor best not showing match results,

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