Re: Beagle and Tomboy

So is there a solution besides adding RAM? Why does Evolution hog so much memory?


On 7/20/05, Ken VanDine <ken vandine org> wrote:
I would say this is due to swapping.  Beagle and Tomboy both use a bit
of memory, so just 256 is probably not enough.  My system is currently
using 98M for Beagle and 55M for Tomboy.  Evolution is using an
additional 400M.


On Wed, 2005-07-20 at 12:13 -0400, Rajiv Vyas wrote:
> I have posted this question on the Tomboy forum also.
> It's related to the slowness in SuSE 9.3 with Gnome. I have run SuSE
> 9.3 with KDE and other distros (RH, FC3, Xandros) on the same machine
> (Celeron 1.7, 256 M Ram, and Swap partition of 500 M). but found that
> the 9.3 with Gnome quite slow at least 30%.
> Here are some other observations after running the "top" command: Mono
> hogs up 10% of the memory; once I launch beagle, the free space in my
> swap partition decreases by 70 Megs in the first 15 minutes; and when
> I have Beagle with Tomboy and Evolution running simultaneously, the
> computer literally crawls – remember the Win 98 days when you couldn't
> run more than two programs simultaneously?
> The question now is: Is this a Gnome, Mono, Beagle or Evolution
> problem. On another LUG forum where I have been discussion this issue,
> the debate is now Beagle Evolution and even SuSE. Many think that SuSE
> is inherently slow.
>  Has anyone experienced the sluggishness in Gnome with Mono, Beagle
> and Evolution? What's the solution?
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