[new] kernel-desktop 2.6.12-1.1398_FC4.desktop_1

I just released a new version of kernel-desktop. New features are:
- Based on FC4 2.6.12-1.1398_FC4 kernel
- Include patch
- Include Con Kolivas CK8 patchset (with Staircase11)
- Include *iNotify* (Useful for Beagle, the search engine)

Kernel-desktop is based on the standard FC4 kernel, with the folowing
- NTFS read-only
- iNotify (Useful for Beagle, the search engine)
- Realtime LSM module (Useful for jack audio server)
- Con Kolivas patchset for interactivity

Available at http://apt.bea.ki.se/kernel-desktop

Happy desktoping!

Jean-Eric Cuendet
Riskpro Technologies SA
Av du 14 avril 1b, 1020 Renens Switzerland
Principal: +41 21 637 0110  Fax: +41 21 637 01 11
Direct: +41 21 637 0123
E-mail: jean-eric.cuendet at rptec.ch

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