Re: Creating new backend - help wanted

I changed them but to no effect. Also what is the rationale behind
NewKeyword and New ?
I used Luke to check the indices of Liferea and Akregator. Observed
that Akregator index has no items in <Text> field while Liferea has
lots of words in the items of field <Text>. Rest looked similar.

OK. Figured out the problem. The description of the feeds in Akregator
were stored as

<![CDATA[Yeah you might have guessed it ... I am using Beagle
extensively to find stuff amoung my photos.]]>

whereas Liferea stores them as normal html. Manually changing the text
worked. What is the easiest way to get the text within CDATA (some XML
library ?) ?

- Bera

On 7/6/05, Olivier Joyeux <joyeux freemail hu> wrote:
> Hello,
> If You change the 'NewKeyword' to simple 'New' at line 185, then it will
> work :
> > indexable.AddProperty (Property.NewKeyword ("dc:title", item.Title));
> < indexable.AddProperty (Property.New ("dc:title", item.Title));
> BlamQueryable indexes feeds using this method.
> Regards,
> OJ
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