Re: Creating new backend - help wanted


If you're using the CVS version of Beagle you can inspect your index
with the beagle-manage-index tool, for example:

$ beagle-manage-index ~/.beagle/AkregatorIndex list

Another easy way to get input, is just to post the code to either the
mailing-list or to the Bugzilla for review and feedback.


On Tue, 2005-07-05 at 14:23 -0400, D Bera wrote:
> Hi
> I am writing a backend AkregatorQueryable for Akregator (KDE RSS
> Reader) based on Liferea's code. All I did was write
> AkregatorQueryable (similar to LifereaQueryable) and make changes in
> the beagled Makefile to have it compiled. The driver is compiling fine
> and feed data seems to be properly indexed too. I checked that index
> files are being created in .beagle/AkregatorIndex.
> However beagle-query or best is not returning any hits from the feeds.
> Any clue what might be wrong or where can I can look at or how to get
> more debug info (I can post output of beagled --debug --fg if
> required) ?
> Thanks,
> - Bera
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