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I have Beagle running on WinXP with standard MS.NET runtime without Cygwin or to much other strange stuff. Screenshot is available at Goal is to produce something as native as possible for both Win32 and OSX á la iFolder.

If you dare, you can try the latest installer from You'll need to install GTK# for the MS.NET runtime (available from and Gecko# (from instructions available at A word of warning, this is definently nothing ready for day to day use as it's mostly a test of the new installer, POF and of course, eyecandy.

A little a bit about development while on the subject:

I'm gonna take some time to check in the changes for a more platform independent Beagle into CVS when I'm done with my exams in about two weeks. Hopefully we'll soon have DBus on Windows as well (current Win32 port uses the Beagle network interface as a hack). When the code is in CVS I presume that more people are interested in hacking on Win32 features, here's a small todo.

Big things

* MS Outlook Backend - 50% Needs work on supporting IMAP emails and attachment indexing * Mozilla/Thunderbird Backend - 25% Need a nice lib like gmime available on Win32, Linux and OSX, attachment indexing
* SharpReader Backend - 75 % Plain works, prolly bugs though
* AIM/ICQ IM Backend - 0% (Gaim backend works btw)
* Backends for your favourite applications - 0 % What applications do you wish to see supported on Win32? * Get an inofity FSW into Mono on Linux for same-source FileSystemQueryable - 50 % See for a quick hack.

Small things

* Support thumbnailing of stuff through Thumbs.db
* Enhance the scheduler's cpu monitoring
* Use iFilter to filter stuff like PDF, DOC, XLS etc
* Lots of other stuff

Feedback very welcome.


John BouAntoun wrote:

Hi guys,

I just spoke to Nat at #mono and he says that it is possible to get beagle to work on windows with a patch for gecko-sharp that will enable it to run on windows. Nat suggested that Fredrik provided the patch originally.

Anyhow, I’d love to have beagle running on my office desktop (WinXP) but am not allowed to have cygwin running on it. Hopefully I will still be able to get this set up to work (using either gtk-sharp/ or gtk-sharp/mono).




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