Re: reiser4 support in beagle


On Thu, 2005-02-17 at 22:08, Adam Skobel wrote:
> I am wondering if there has been any work to support reiser4? I'm
> willing to do a little bit of hacking to try and add it myself, where
> would I start looking to do this? Any pointers, tutorials, etc, but
> honestly I don't have much experience programming in C# or dealing
> with any filesystem features in programming other then the basics.

For whatever reason reiser4 doesn't support the standard extended
attributes interfaces that the other Linux filesystems support.  My
understanding though is that it does have something similar.  So you'd
have to find out what that interface is, and then refactor the
ExtendedAttribute class around it.

> Thanks for all the help in advance and hopefully I'll be able to get
> beagle running on reiser4 :)

Sigh.  It'd be no work at all if it used the same API.


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